Buying a Home



If you need to buy and move "tomorrow" or are looking to plan to a year from now, knowing your timeline and the value of your decisions on that timeline is critical to what actions you take and when.  My teams have supported more than 2000 clients over the last 20+ years in analyzing where they are and where they want to be and what it will take to get there.



We are experts in collaborating with you to 1) establish what your goals and needs are in housing; 2) how it fits into the fabric of your life and 3) supporting you with a framework and proven systems to successfully achieve the best possible outcomes in your life when it comes to housing.

Through the years of working with clients and learning from only the top trainers on consultative and client priority sales environments, Matt created the Need Want Wish goal setting tool which has been instrumental in supporting the highest client success ratio in the industry.  Email and I will personally send you a copy of to help strengthen and clarify your awesome housing journey.



How you prepare your money is critical to the value you can create in using it.  

In speaking and working with lenders through the years, an interesting statistic I have heard is that approx. 60% of people wanting to get a mortgage have something they either need to clean up on their credit (that they didn't know about) or have something that if they had time to prepare would have given them a better rate or more flexible loan options.  The sad part is that most people only talk to a lender when they are thinking of buying NOW!  I have heard many stories of disappointment.  Moral of the story is even if only considering buying in the future, meet with a lender now and understand where you stand and best habits to prepare for the most amazing future possible.

For those that are in the market immediately, one of two items is essential:  1) Pre-Approval letter from a lender -or- 2) Proof of available cash funds in the bank.  This makes sure that when you do find the perfect home or property the seller can consider your offer seriously, as the first things a seller (and their  agent) ask for with an offer is for one of these items.

Plan and prepare for success and it is amazing success is what you usually get!