Selling your Home

Make sure the agents have seen your home!!!

As a starting point in selling your home and realizing a maximum amount of the equity you have worked hard to create, you need to make sure that any professional that you are considering hiring pre-views the home first.  How you home sits on the lot, how close the neighbors area, how efficient the floorplan is, how flexible the floorplan is, the finishout and interior design of your home, the curb appeal of the home, the condition of wear and tear, how your furniture is laid out....all of these items and more have significant effect on what the value of your home.  

We know that the best place to start is at the beginning, so that is where we start.   Our team has worked with clients for the last 20+ years in valuing properties and positioning them in the market for success.  We have worked with and also advising interior design, exterior design, landscaping, architecture, space planning, neighborhood planning and bring all that perspective and experience to your home.

Email to set a time to walk you property and provide you with a report on all the amazing that your property is and also anything that could enhance your ability to sell at the highest price and the best terms available based on your goals and needs at this time.