Presley Property Group Video Testimonials



I have known and worked with Matt Presley for the last thirteen years. Over that time, Matt has personally been my realtor on the sale of one home and the purchase of two others. Matt has not only become a trusted real estate advisor but also a friend. 

Through my experience, I can honestly say that Matt Presley and Presley Property Group Realtors are first rate. He actively listens to each client to understand their unique needs and requirements. Whether you are looking to upgrade, downsize, or have other needs, Matt will help you develop a strategy to achieve your own definition of winning. Simply put, Matt is committed to each of his clients personal and financial success.

Matt’ in-depth knowledge of the Austin area real estate market enables him to accurately and fairly assess the potential value of your property. His network enables his clients to maximize the value of their asset. During the sales process, Matt will relentless defend that value through effective negotiation.

During the purchasing cycle, Matt Presley will continuously explore all available options. Matt will look for opportunities to extract value in each case. Each of my personal purchases were very different. During the first purchase, the cycle took several months before the right property came on the market at a price point that was highly beneficial. During the second purchase, Matt quickly identified a high quality property that perfectly met my individual needs at a price that was below market levels because of the unique time requirements of the seller. 

Matt Presley is a high energy expert in the Austin real estate market. His approach and commitment enables his clients to achieve their goals and vision. Matt inspires confidence in his clients to make the right decisions. 

Over the coming months, my wife and I will again be selling a property and purchasing a new home in Austin. We will certainly choose Matt Presley and Presley Property Group Realtors. 

- George

I worked with Matt when I purchased my first home in Austin 9 years ago and recently purchased my second home with Matt serving as my agent. Matt has been working in this market for a long time and has insights that others do not. This is why other agents and real estate firms seek him out for consulting services. He provided me with information that some might view as speculative over a year ago that turned out to be spot on. There are days I look around at my house and think to myself, "Matt...great job!" 

- David 


Matt is thorough, professional, fun, and genuinely listens to your needs and concerns. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone.  We were living in an apartment that had turned into a bad situation. We met with Matt and he advised us to go ahead and get the ball rolling towards home ownership.  He hooked us up with a mortgage officer (Arien Bowersock-Scott at Bank of the Ozarks) who was so incredible and dedicated, you would not believe a lender could be this good. Between Matt and Arien, we were able to find a house we love in a great neighborhood, under budget, and got out of our apartment within our preferred fast timeframe.  Presley Property Group follows a very unique model. Their first step is to ask for a list of things that are vital to you in your living space, which helps you sort out your priorities. It also ensures clear communication from the get go.  The really amazing part, though, is that they have a home buying kickback program. After our house closed, within the week we had a nice fat check from them, essentially reimbursing us for some of their fees. That check was actually MORE than our first mortgage payment. Instead, though, we bought a beautiful new couch for our beautiful new home. :-)  Matt is the best!! 

- B & B

Matt is a true professional. He listens to you the buyer beyond just your laundry list of requirements and is a true juggernaut of knowledge concerning all aspects of the market from the impact of future city and state initiatives on the value and changes to the neighborhoods that he shows you, to taking the time to fully understand and evolve the search process to find the best possible match for you and your families needs. He has become a trusted friend and absolute go to guy 4 property! 

- Gary 

Matt’s vision and expertise in real estate make him an excellent resource to anyone considering purchasing or selling a home. His core values allow him to enhance the customer experience and create life-long relationships. His interests in business are always centered on what is best for his clients. Matt has innovated the way that real estate transactions are being done in a way that benefits home owners and future home owners. I would trust referring any friend or family member to him and his brokerage.  

- Sam

I would recommend Matt for any position. He did great work for us. He is very smart, diligent and one of the hardest working people I have seen.  - Tim


Renee and Matt went above and beyond customer service. Can't express how happy I am with the selling and buying process. Highly recommend!!  

- Amy

Matt provided precise cost analysis, creative marketing strategies and more importantly supported the acceleration of delivery for all of our project related tasks. His personal commitment to exceptional performance makes Matt an asset and a trusted business partner. 

- Steve

Matt has a rare combination of attributes: he's smart, creative, ethical and hard-working. Matt is highly recommended for assisting you on any real estate transaction. 

- Erik

I left the Austin market 10 years ago. For real estate I still need council for the market that requires insight above and beyond surface level. Matt gets it and can quickly deliver the relevant data for my needs. Looking back, I can say that I have always benefited from his advice dating back from our first transaction.



I have had the opportunity to work with Matt on a number of high-end multi-family developments around Austin, Texas and can highly recommend his diversified skill set and unique perspective on market trends. Matt has honed his ability to evaluate the needs of potential buyers and develop a product that will exceed their expectations. With experience in cultivating developments from concept to completion Matt has been an asset to the entire process and a driving force in the ultimate success of the venture. 

- Chelsea

I have worked with Matt and his clients for over 10 years now. He is an exceptional real estate agent. Matt knows the market better than anyone I know. He also understands trends and was one of the first agents to market the different condo developments and downtown condo's 8+ years ago when it was still new and unknown. I have referred several of my clients to him and they were all very pleased with the advice he provided.  

- Josh