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We all as consumers react and connect through V.A.K. - Visual (see), Auditory (hear) and Kinesthetic (feel)  Your home is one of the most personal things in life and also represents the largest investment in most peoples lives.  You should expect to be wowed by you marketing and expect the buyer market to be wowed as well.  We value every hard earned dollar you have created through owning your home and look to put you in a position to win.  If your property isn't being presented in the way the people understand and connect then you simply aren't being seen.  And yes the market in Greater Austin (and Texas for that matter) is hot, that shouldn't be what sells your property, that should just be a strength.  The truth of the matter is our dynamic growing market has created a lot of change and that has created a great deal of buyer confusion in understanding what different areas have to offer which in turn has created more need than ever to help buyer understand the lifestyle that goes with the homes.  Check out video samples below and click below to send us a message to schedule a time to discuss how we collaborate with our clients in getting their homes sold.

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For use with market level environments that allow fully branded marketing content in setting your home apart from the competition.   These videos allow the buyer marketplace to come back over and over again and fully understand what you home has to offer.


For utilization with marketing on social media, real estate site syndication and and grass roots communication keeping you property top of mind with the agents in the marketplace adding ammunition for them to share with their clients further strengthening the full appreciation of the ultimate highest value for your home.

WALKTHRU ATX General Episode

Educational videos are essential in the information age the and allow the opportunity for Matt Presley, host fo WALKTHRU ATX to share key information about the process of buying and selling a home that he has accumulated over the 22+ years in his practice as a Realtor here in the Greater Austin Area

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